One who protects, guides, or watches over


At Atlanta K9 Solutions, we continue to search for, find, and train the world's best working dogs. Our Dutch and Belgian shepherds are of the highest quality with imported bloodlines, environmental stability, and the proven ability to provide full personal protection.


The Dutch and Belgian shepherds were historically used by shepherds and farmers who needed a strong and versatile dog, with little needs, and the instinctive ability to adapt to harsh environments. After hundreds of years working beside us, these shepherds have diverged into unique breeds with their own distinction. Their capabilities have been tested across the world in diverse positions such as; guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, green dogs, patrol dogs, police dogs, and much more.


Acquiring the proper, elite bloodlines for the Dutch and Belgian shepherds is our ultimate goal. Our network of professional breeders and trainers across the globe have continued to provide the absolute best genes for our stock of dogs. After many years of dedicated research, our "search and find" process guarentees that our dogs are the best in the business. Atlanta K9 Solutions only offers top of the line shepherds with bloodlines that have consistently proven to be unmatched and remarkable at all levels. Our dogs are life-saving dogs that possess the instincts and drive to perform all tasks at all levels.


Dutch and Belgian shepherds can be found across the globe today; working in all environments and providing the best personal protection services available. These determined dogs are known to save lives and perform at superior levels in all scenarios. Purchasing a Dutch or Belgian shepherd is a big commitment because our dogs are trained to work directly with their handlers. We want our clients to understand that our shepherds are not for everyone. It should be easy to understand why law enforcement, military, and other security personnel prefer Dutch and Belgian Shepherds over other similar breeds. This is the Lamborghini of dogs! We make the process of finding the right shepherd easy for our clients but the owner must be prepared for a long-term commitment to a life-long companion. With diligence in handler-training and the willingness to work with your dog, anyone can become a proud owner of the world's most talented dog.


At Atlanta K9 Solutions, we make the commitment to achieve the desired results with each and every dog we work with. Our training methods are rooted in tradition yet we recognize the advancements that are made in our field and we apply what we feel is necessary to help every dog reach their goals in training. Our dogs are for experienced handlers only because we develop true working dogs. We are 100% cruelty free in our techniques and we focus on building confidence at all times. We believe a well-trained dog is a happy dog! All of our dogs are driven through intense training environments and real "life-based" scenarios that very few trainers are able to provide. Whether you're looking for a dedicated work dog or an executive personal protection dog, we can find and train the perfect dog for you. Call us today to discuss the details about our imported bloodlines of Dutch and Belgian shepherds and the incredible skills that all of our dogs learn to master.